U.S. Draws Up Contingency Preparation Plans For War With North Korea

If North Korea doubted the subtle Syrian warning from the Trump administration recent bombing, then today’s deployment of a Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb in Afghanistan should clear-up any confusion. With a fleet of U.S. war ships converging near the Korean Peninsula, North Korea is in the process of detonating a nuclear test that will no doubt […]

Why The FBI Should Move To Bring Charges Against Trump Associates Now

Criminal investigations are inevitable under any viable democracy, but the fabric of that democracy is tested when it is an associate(s) of the current President of our country that’s under investigation.  New revelations from the Washington Post yesterday revealed that a one-time Trump associate Carter Page was/is under FBI investigation for potentially acting […]

Could Trump’s Bombing Of Syria Be A Prelude To A U.S. Invasion Of North Korea

If the recent Syrian gas attack by despotic president Bashar al-Assad, killing of women, children and babies, didn’t appeal to your humanity, then perhaps the Holocaust and the 1835-1907 Congo genocide won’t either. The appalling nature of the Syrian attack brought condemnation from members of the United States political Democratic and Republican party alike.  Even former presidential […]