As part of the Community of Contributors in Chief at The Noum, we wanted to thank each visitor for taking the time to read and peruse our Blog. The purpose of this blog, is simply to “perspectivize” current socio-political and evolving events that impact our lives in a concise and understandable fashion. We are huge proponents for changing the political thinking landscape and structure of Congress through advocacy and elections and we hope by having pointed discussions, we can change and influence the political landscape affecting us all.

Whether or not we choose to actively participate in shaping our democracy, as regular citizens, Congressional policies and laws do affect us in many unforeseen ways. As members in a republic we must ask ourselves from time-to-time “Are our lives individually and collectively different today than our parents?” If your answer is “YES”, then congratulations! You are one of the few constituents where your vote has actually produced meaningful personal results. If your response is “NO” then unfortunately you are in the company of the majority of constituents that are only now beginning to question the efficacy of our electoral college, elected officials and a burgeoning bureaucracy with little to no oversight or accountability.

Americans today more than ever before are suffering under the constraints of abject poverty and unfulfilled aspirations. From the poor, hard-working, black family living in a one bedroom apartment in Co-op City, Bronx, New York; to the poor, hard-working ,white family living in a trailer in Beattyville, Kentucky. It is alarming that families have to choose between going hungry or sending their children to school without a meal. When or how did the dreams of many ordinary, hard-working Americans became a fleeting illusion, that only a few dare to dream of reaching higher heights? But if it were not for the reality of drowning under intractable debt that is holding us back, wouldn’t we have the wherewithal to do so much more? The America our parents nostalgically recall –bursting with social altruism and opportunity – is now replaced by a bureaucratic policy emphasized on reinforcing the dogma “it is a privilege and not a right.”

Sadly, the three most important revered words in our Constitution “We The People” no longer defines human beings, instead it now includes corporations. Opinions are now packaged as facts and the pursuit of introspective political discourse is thwarted by intellectual solipsism.

To that end, we welcome, support and encourage your divergent political points of view on our “Blog.” As a society, we must always challenge those views that violate free speech and seek to promote political omnipotence. We may not necessarily agree on every topic, but we have a fundamental obligation to stay vigilant in making sure all points of view, controversial as they may be, are nevertheless heard and respected regardless of political ideology or affiliation.




We often get asked, “What is the meaning of “The Noum?”” and we gladly try to be simplistic in our explanation as possible. The Noum is an abbreviated version of “Noumenon and Noumenal” words that were coined by philosopher Immanuel Kant. The words are used in conjunction with the parent words “Phenomenon and Phenomenal” which means anything than can be apprehended by, or are an object of the sense (i.e., “I love You” an emotion experienced through the senses). To explain, “Why I love You”  “because etc” would be the noumenon. Kant believed that the noumenon represented a complete unknowable fact that which cannot be explained through the human sensation that we believe to represent the logical question (“the why”). The Noum is the “why.”